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As I age, the lines on either side of my nose and mouth get deeper (puppet lines) but I haven’t wanted to use a filler to make them less visible. Kelly suggested that I try the Viora Refit to tighten the skin in this area as an alternative. After the first few sessions, people started asking about the scar on my face. It had been buried in the puppet line, as I aged. I know Viora works. Now we’re going to work on smoothing out the scar!
Lisa, 47
I love the Spectra laser. I had large pores on my cheeks and in one session, they were totally closed up. They put a layer of carbon on my face and about 15 minutes later, which works with the laser. My skin is so clean and tight. I get one every month. It costs the same as a facial. It’s part of my skin maintenance now.
Mary, 35
I had ingrown hairs and scars on my face due to a medical condition, folliculitis, which is itchy and painful and very noticeable. I was pretty self-conscious about it. With the hair removal laser, the in grown hairs are nearly gone. The plan is to then use the resurfacing laser to reduce the scarring. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.
Carlo, 31
Just wanted you to know Kelly Crowley performed a microneedling with peel on me and I can’t say enough nice things about her. She was extremely personable, knowledgable and has an amazing ability to gently guide a client through the process. She was just a delight! Looking forward to the results post recovery and to more future treatments.

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