Current Essentially Bare Cosmetic Laser Offers

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Take the Essentially Bare Laser Hair Removal Challenge!

Our newest lasers from Lumenis™ are the gold standard in laser hair removal. We are so confident in its exceptional capabilities, we invite you to come in and receive a complimentary treatment, up to 3″ sq. to see the results! Just make your appointment, come in, and get treated. No strings attached. If you are definitely not a candidate for laser, we will advise you on alternatives.

We want to see you, especially if you:

  • Have had numerous treatments elsewhere
  • Have discontinued treatment altogether in frustration
  • Want to see just how good this laser is

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Students Receive 10% off Treatments

Students with a valid I.D. are entitled to a discount on every service, at Essentially Bare. You must present I.D. at time of consultation in order to receive this discount. Occasionally, we offer a special promotion that is not eligible for the additional student discount, such as our seasonal offers or the occasional group sales promotion. Please ask us if you have any questions.

  • Students receive discounts on laser hair removal treatments
  • Student discounts are applicable toward tattoo removal treatments
  • Discounts are available for acne treatments, rosacea, melasma treatments