Essentially Bare Cosmetic & Laser Current Offers

Essentially Bare is offering special pricing for first time Botox treatments, sun damage and complexion clearing with IPL, facial tightening and lifting with Viora ReLift. Redeem these offers through the end of October.

Complexion Correction & Skin Conditions
Spot treatments available and $50 off IPL packages

Treat Sun Damage, Melasma, Broken Capillaries

If you have tried IPL (photofacial) in the past and have been disappointed, we invite you to experience the results that our IPL from leading medical supplier, Cynosure can deliver! Equipment really makes a difference. Excellent results (some in just 1 visit):

⋅ Clear sun and age spots, hyperpigmentation
⋅ Effectively treat melasma (chronic browning of the skin)
⋅ Remove facial broken capillaries (small, red veins)
⋅ Eliminate cherry angiomas (benign reddish papules)

Nonsurgical Facial Lifting & Tightening
Receive 1 year (up to 4 free treatments) of maintenance with your package.

Facial Lifting and Skin Tightening

Tighten skin along the jawline and address puppet lines along the nose, wrinkles around the eyes with medical-grade Viora ReLift, a combination of vacuum and radio frequency (RF). A results-driven alternative to injectables or surgery.

Receive $50 Off Your First Botox Treatment

$50 off Botox Treatment

Try Botox for the first time or recommend it to a friend in the month of October to receive this special offer.

Students Receive 10% off Treatments

  • Students receive discounts on laser hair removal treatments
  • Student discounts are applicable toward tattoo removal treatments
  • Discounts are available for acne treatments, rosacea, melasma treatments

Take our Laser Hair Challenge!

Our newest lasers from Lumenis™ are the gold standard in laser hair removal. We are so confident in its exceptional capabilities, we invite you to come in and receive a complimentary treatment, up to 3″ sq. to see the results! Just make your appointment, come in, and get treated. No strings attached. If you are definitely not a candidate for laser, we will advise you on alternatives.

We want to see you, especially if you:

  • Have had numerous treatments elsewhere
  • Have discontinued treatment altogether in frustration
  • Want to see just how good this laser is

Request your appointment here.