Laser Hair Removal

Factors such as age, ethnicity, medications, and hormone levels influence our body’s hair appearance. These factors affect the length, coarseness, and color of our body hair. Laser technology offers a permanent and safe solution to eliminating unwanted or excessive hair.

FDA Approved Laser Equipment

We use the most advanced laser system from Lumenis™ (Lightsheer Diode Laser System™ Class 4 Medical Device) for hair removal. It is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. Over the past 15 years – virtually since the beginning of cosmetic laser hair removal – we have worked with different types of lasers, and we have successfully treated more than 6,000 patients. The Lumenis LightSheer Diode offers the best results in removing unwanted hair. We do not use IPL (pulsed light-based device) for hair removal, as we do not believe this technology is best suited for this treatment. The LightSheer’s pulse width (400 milliseconds) and intensity (up to 100J), make it possible to treat darker skinned and tanned clients, as well as permanently eliminate ingrown hairs (beard bumps) in all skin types.

Experience Treating Unwanted Hair

Essentially Bare treats men and woman, all body parts and skin types for unwanted hair. A complimentary consultation is required to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. If the hair is too fair and there is not enough contrast between the hair and skin pigment, laser will not be effective in treating unwanted hair. We have seen many patients over the years who were treated with the wrong or substandard equipment (IPL or equipment from unknown manufacturers), or advised to follow incorrect protocol. In many cases, retreating the area is successful. However, some patients have been over-treated (incorrect protocol, substandard equipment, untrained clinicians) in an area resulting in thinned hair, making permanent elimination possible. In these cases, we often recommend using electrolysis to treat fine remaining hairs or stubborn stragglers. Electrolysis is offered through our affiliate offices.

Our Policy on Package Deals for Laser Hair Removal

The FDA requires 3 laser treatments for successful hair reduction. The success of a treatment largely depends on the fluence (or strength) used with a laser. Many treatments at low fluence will only make the hair thinner, making it impossible for reduction and/or removal. Because each person is different, we do not presell unlimited (why pay for what you should not need?) or big deal packages. We may offer you a discounted price for 3 treatments, and based your hair’s reaction to the laser, offer further discounts for estimated future treatments. Our goal is to treat you quickly and effectively because many of our patients return to us to treat other areas or for skin services. We want satisfied clients, and rely on you for referrals and positive word of mouth. Before you sign on for “unlimited treatments” or big, discounted packages, call us.