Essentially Bare Cosmetic & Laser Promotions

Our Quick-Results Favorites for the Holiday Season

Volbella Lip Filler:

“Volbella is a subtle lip filler. It enhances the natural shape of your lips. Patients often say that their spouse/partner doesn’t even notice.” Cara, Nurse Injector

ALL CLIENTS*: Volbella .55cc syringe $399 (reg. $599) is our secret pick for the holidays. Your nurse injector will target above-the-lip vertical lines or add definition to your overall natural lip shape. Book a free consult.


“There’s a misconception that Botox freezes a face. A good injector will study your face. Botox should enhance natural beauty and make you look refreshed and rested.” Marcy, Nurse Injector

NEW CLIENTS ONLY SPECIAL*: Botox, 20 units $199 (reg. $260) is our pick-me-up choice for the holidays. Say goodbye to crow’s feet or a furrowed brow, and face the season’s parties, shopping and end-of-year deadlines like a seasoned pro. Book a free consult.

Patient Rewards & Promotion Terms

Refer a New Patient ~ We will add $50 to your account for each new patient you send to EB for this Holiday Promotion. You can use it for skincare products + services except for injectible promos. Did you know that you can gift your credit to someone else? The more is your merrier, and jingle-jingle…it’s the perfect stocking stuffer.

*Botox + Volbella Terms ~ This special pricing can not be combined with other offers. Offers must be purchased by 11/30/2019. Appointments needs to be completed by 12/28/19. You can purchase 1 of each.

More EB Offers: Student Savings + Laser Hair Removal

Take our Laser Hair Removal Challenge!

Our newest lasers from Lumenis™ are the gold standard in laser hair removal. We are so confident in its exceptional capabilities, we invite you to come in and receive a complimentary treatment, up to 2″ sq. to see the results! Just make your appointment, come in, and get treated. No strings attached. If you are definitely not a candidate for laser, we will advise you on alternatives such as electrolysis.

We want to see you, especially if you:

  • Have had numerous treatments elsewhere
  • Have discontinued treatment altogether in frustration
  • Want to see just how good this laser is

Request your appointment here.

Students Receive 10% off Individual Treatments

  • Students receive discounts on individual laser hair removal treatments
  • Student discounts are applicable toward individual tattoo removal treatments
  • Discounts are available for individual acne treatments, rosacea, melasma treatments