Essentially Bare Cosmetic & Laser Special Offers

Special Offers: Renew and Refresh Skin for Spring

Summer laser and skin treatment promotions for immediate results to renew, revitalize and refresh your skin:

Carbon Laser Facial  $199

Even tone, smoothe skin, clear blackheads, and instantly shrink pores. Much more effective than a spa facial, and safe for all skin tones. Book it. (reg. $225)

Microdermabrasion + Free Biomolecular Hydrating Mask $85

Polish, cleanse and remove weathered, dead cells. Fresh skin is enhanced and sealed with deep hydration. Book it. (reg. $135)

VI Peel $299

Medical-grade correction peel for hyperpigmentation, acne scars, uneven tone, texture, and collagen stimulation.  Safe for medium-to-dark skin tones. Free post-treatment kit will protect and enhance results.  Book it. (reg. $350)

$50 off Laser Tattoo Removal “Until Gone” Packages*

NEW CLIENTS ONLY. We have the best ink removal technology for all colors, darker skin tones, with minimal treatments. *We will give you a quote when we see you in person (to assess body area covered and density of tattoo).  Book it.

Students Receive 10% off Individual Treatments

  • Students receive discounts on individual laser hair removal treatments
  • Student discounts are applicable toward individual tattoo removal treatments
  • Discounts are available for individual acne treatments, rosacea, melasma treatments

Take our Laser Hair Removal Challenge!

Our newest lasers from Lumenis™ are the gold standard in laser hair removal. We are so confident in its exceptional capabilities, we invite you to come in and receive a complimentary treatment, up to 2″ sq. to see the results! Just make your appointment, come in, and get treated. No strings attached. If you are definitely not a candidate for laser, we will advise you on alternatives such as electrolysis.

We want to see you, especially if you:

  • Have had numerous treatments elsewhere
  • Have discontinued treatment altogether in frustration
  • Want to see just how good this laser is

Request your appointment here.