The fact is, not all types of body hair can be successfully eliminated by laser – even using the best laser hair removal equipment. Electrolysis is the tried-and-true method for the permanent elimination of unwanted body hair. It is the only permanent hair removal modality approved by the FDA.

Over the past twenty-plus years, having treated thousands of people for unwanted hair, we can say with conviction that, “hair removal is not a one-size-fits-all” solution. While the contrast between skin color and hair color provides a baseline for predicting whether or not your unwanted body hair, other factors can impact how well your hair will react to laser treatments. For more info and facts about laser hair removal, read our free guide here.

We provide an honest assessment of your individual circumstance, and set realistic expectations for what level of success we can achieve with our class 4 medical equipment. If we believe that you are not a candidate for laser hair removal, we offer electrolysis as an alternative method for the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Best Uses of Electrolysis for Hair Removal

Electrolysis can be used in conjunction with laser, and in some cases or areas it is actually the preferred course of treatment. For example, stubborn stragglers can remain after a successful course of laser hair removal treatments. Fine facial hair caused by PCOS may not react to laser. Sparse eyebrow hairs, ear, chin, nose, and lip hairs are more effectively targeted using a fine, targeted device.  It makes sense to treat these with electrolysis.

How Electrolysis Removes Unwanted Body Hair

Electrolysis works by individually targeting hair follicles using a very fine, electrically-charged needle that is inserted into opening of a follicle. The transfer of energy permanently destroys the regenerative (hair producing) cells. It takes a skilled practitioner with a steady hand to perform the procedure. The device used by our licensed electrologist is a medical-grade epilator, fitted with sterilized, disposable needles.

The science behind Electrolysis was invented more than one hundred years ago. Electrolysis is actually the only permanent hair removal modality approved by the FDA.  Electrologists are overseen by the Board of Registration of Cosmetology and Barbering in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Electrolysis Treatments and Costs

Everyone reacts differently. Some hair and follicles can be treated in just one treatment. The expertise and skill of your electrologist also can make a difference. At your complimentary consultation, our electrologist, Patricia (Patty) Crane will assess your individual situation, ask questions about your medical history, and develop a course of treatment that will work best for your needs and goals. Pricing for an electrolysis treatment starts at $35, depending on the body area and amount of hair. She may offer special pricing for a number of treatments.

Please call our Cambridge office to book your consultation: 617-876-1500. You can also use our form to request a consultation. Patty offers flexible hours and appointments to accommodate your needs.

Essentially Bare’s Electrologist, Patricia Crane, RE 

Patricia (Patty) Crane is an expert electrologist. She has a diverse, loyal client-base spanning nearly two decades in the Boston-area. Patty is often referred by patients with medical conditions such as PCOS, hirsutism, hypertrichosis, underlying genetic conditions, and medication-induced hair growth. She has been working with people in transition and the transgender community in the Boston-area since the start her electrology career.

Patty graduated from the Electrology Institute of New England in 2003. She was certified by Radiancy as an LHE (Light Heat Energy) Technician in 2008.