Skin Tightening & Cellulite Reduction

After several years of research and testing different types of equipment for body contouring and cellulite reduction, we chose the the Viora Reaction™ ReFit as the best non-invasive solution for skin tightening and circumferential reduction. The Viora Reaction™ effectively tightens skin around the stomach, arms, saddlebags, thighs, love handles, while reducing circumference. It uses a combination of radio frequency (RF) heat and vacuum (suction). Multiple treatments are required, depending on your individual situation.

Planning for a Wedding or Big Event?

For the best results, we recommend starting a treatment series at least 3 months before your event, as you will require multiple sessions in 2 week increments. Depending on your skin, you can expect a series of between 6 and 10 sessions. To maintain results, we advise patients to follow up with a treatment every 3 months.

Who is Ideal for Viora Refit Treatments?

We see the best results in patients who are including skin tightening as part of a healthy regime, including exercise.

  • Tummy tightening works well for moms post child birth
  • Rapid weight loss resulting in loose skin is very responsive to this technology
  • Stretch marks can be visibly reduced (we may recommend a combination of technologies for this)

Watch The Doctors demonstrate The Viora Refit used to treat saggy stomach skin – a nonsurgical tummy tuck.

Skin Tightening for the Face: An Alternative to Fillers

We also use the Viora for tightening around the jaw and neck. We may recommend a combination of Viora and fractional resurfacing to achieve the best results for this area. For patients who want to treat nasolabial folds (marionette lines) and skin around the eyes without using fillers or neurotoxins, the Viora offers an effective alternative solution. Results can be seen within first 3 treatments, and most treatment plans recommend 6-9 sessions for full results, with treatment increments between 12-14 days.

As I age, I notice the lines around my note (puppet or marionette lines) getting deeper and more pronounced, but I haven’t wanted to use a filler to smooth these out. Kelly suggested that I try the Viora ReFit instead, which uses radio frequency and suction to smooth skin. I could see results immediately after the treatment, and around the fourth session, my friends started asking about an old scar that I had on my face. It had become hidden in the puppet line. As the skin tightened, the scar became visible. That is proof that this works. Now, I’m using the micro-needling to treat the scar.
Lisa, Age 48